How Do Georgia Title Pawns Work?

How Do Georgia Title Pawns Work?

Sometimes people need fast cash to help them through short-term financial shortages.  Georgia Title Pawns can help you to make ends meet. All you need is a lien-free title in your name. It is not a matter of your credit.  The title is your credit.  The amount of cash you can get with Georgia title pawns depends on the vehicle you intend to use for your title pawn, and your ability to pay back the money borrowed.  Georgia title pawn companies operate in different ways.  Some companies call it a title loan; this is another term for virtually the same thing.  Some companies will give you more money than you can possibly pay back.  They do this for one of two main reasons, but the most common reason is to get you trapped in an interest cycle where they can keep making money off you for an extended time. We discussed this in another article called “The Title Pawn Interest Treadmill“.



One of the great things about a title pawn, as opposed to other types of pawns, is you get to keep your car while you are paying back your loan.  What you are pawning is your title, not your vehicle.  We have heard the stories of companies selling off the borrower’s car while they are still paying the loan, or various other horror stories associated with Georgia title pawns.  You will notice that we are the only company offering these types of loans - that calls attention to the problems some people face when getting a title pawn.  This is because we do business differently.  We have been operating for more than 30 years and with over 500,000 Georgia title pawns, we have never had a formal complaint.


When Not to Use Georgia Title Pawns?


There are times when a Georgia title pawn is not your best solution to your problem.  If you are not able to pay back the money for an extended period of time the benefits of a title pawn are diminished. This is one of the reasons we stress that Georgia title pawns are for short-term financial needs.  You also don’t want to get a loan when the company is offering way more money than you know you can pay off in a reasonable amount of time.  We don’t have set limits for a title pawn, but we suggest customers don’t borrow outsides of their means of repayment. We don’t want your car; we want happy customers who refer us to other potential customers that need short term financial help. Why do we tell you this as a company that offers Georgia title pawns?  Because we are in business to help people, not take advantage of them.  We originated the idea of a title pawn more than 30 years ago, and although there are people who aim to take advantage of the platform we built, we aim to preserve it.

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