What Are Georgia Auto Pawns

Can I keep my car if I get a Georgia Auto Pawn?


Yes you keep your car or whatever vehicle you choose to pawn.  Sometimes there is confusion when people refer to this type of transaction as a Georgia auto pawn, as opposed to a title pawn. At Title Exchange GA we more commonly refer to the transaction as a title pawn because we feel it is more accurate.


The first reaction to an inquiry about a Georgia auto pawn is “I need my car to get around.”  This is a normal reaction, as with most pawns you leave the item used for collateral at the pawn shop until you pay back the loan.  This is why we refer our service as a title pawn rather than an auto pawn in Georgia.  We can not speak for all companies offering this service, but TitleXchange allows you to keep your car and use it however you usually do.  We hold on to your title instead.


So the difference in terminology is arbitrary, whether you call it a Georgia auto pawn, or a title pawn, others refer to it as a title loan. When it comes down to it, they are all ways to help people experiencing short-term financial needs.  Just remember, not all Georgia auto pawns are created equally and often times those that lure you in with the supposed lowest rates often do so to trap customers. Our customers have found that a lower payout saves more money than low rates with hidden fees.


TitleXchange is Your Choice for Georgia Auto Pawns!


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